We are a continually thriving and growing company, always looking to welcome new members be it on the stage or providing much needed assistance behind the scenes.

Active Members

Membership as an active member is currently £15* for the year upon a successful audition to join the company. This fee goes towards the company as a small contribution to the running of the society and allows you to audition for the society's shows and vote at the AGM. You will also be informed of forthcoming social events and all our latest updates.

There is show fee of £100* for the first show and £80 for the second show in the same year. This fee goes towards the cost of putting on a show which includes rehearsal space & pianist hire, theatre hire, set, costumes, and so on.

Honorary Members

Membership as an honorary member costs just £12.50* for the year, or £20 for joint membership. As an honorary member you are entitled to a complimentary programme for each of our shows that you attend, an open invitation to our Annual General Meeting as well as our social events and you will also receive our company newsletter 'Spotlight', informing you of our latest news and updates.

To join us as an active member or become an honorary member, please get in touch with our Membership Secretary at .

*this fee is correct at time of publishing (November 2017), gets reviewed annually at our AGM and is subject to change.